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HERE ARE SOME DRAWINGS I DID WHILE PLAYING D&D. I KNOW, D&D!!! I AM THAT MUCH COOLER NOW. But seriously, as near as I can tell, D&D is like ten seconds of shouting and then four minutes of drawing. WUDEVA.

Here was my firstest evar character, TOBLI, tragically born with mismatched feet.

You can tell she is a lady because she has her pinky out, you see you see. My friends went MAKE HER AXE BIGGER LOL. Please note this is like half the size they wanted. WUDEVA.

This is my second evar character, whose name I so cannot remember. She was a halfling rogue---and my friends went "LOL GIVE HER KNOCKERS, KNOCKERS BEING HOOTERS, HOOTERS BEING GINORMOUS BOSOMS." I'm beginning to think that D&D is ten seconds of shouting, and then four minutes of people telling you what to draw.

She has a fondness for paladins, and hit on all of them, pointing out her advantageous height. Then we got thrown out of the city. WUDEVA.

I'm hashing out a group portrait of the session we started last night. My character's Jasola deStobbart, a pirate who had to retire promptly on accounta developin' a water phobia. Now she's kinda useless. HULLO.

Note the tiny halfling ranger who is MiniAragorn. Thank you.

I am very much looking forward to when I know what I'm doing, for then I can say "SEEYA, SUCKERS" and start my own Discworld sessions. Party on, party on.
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