the roughest, toughest frail (spinooti) wrote in tabiasdotcom,
the roughest, toughest frail

Senón means "given life by Zeus."

Another unfinished portrait for an ABCDeist limerick. (I really need to make a key of Gorey crosshatching patterns; I keep totally ignoring his style and sticking with what I'm comfortable with.) I think I've realized a problem in this project: I love drawing the portraits, but have no reall urge to do the, you know, illustrations, which are totally needed for many of these. I dunno, it's still not time for me to make a decision yet. Anyway.

I think this is my favorite limerick so far.

Senón Sanchez raised both of his sons
To fight evil for profit and fun
Until one March morning,
Without any warning,
The Devil won.
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